Detective Byomkesh Bakshy >> 30 seconds Review and Trailer

Byomkesh Bakshy (Sushant Singh Rajput) is looking for a way to earn a living in the Calcutta of the second world war period. A college-mate approaches him seeking help to find his missing father.

To earn a quick buck he takes up the case. Before he knows, he is in the middle of international gangs of drug smugglers who have managed to use him as a pawn in their bigger plans. Will he be able to turn the tables and take control?

Rating: Green - for being swift and doing justice to the legend that Byomkesh Bakshy is. Sushant Singh Rajput may not be Rajit Kapoor, but he holds his own. And, Neeraj Kabi, playing a character with multiple shades of personality is the one to really watch out for in the movie.

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