A Quiet Place: If They Hear You, They Hunt You

Earth has been invaded by un-killable monsters who hunt based on sound. No one has found a way to kill them, or to protect themselves - except staying silent. 

Lee Abbott lives with his wife Evelyn and children Regan, Marcus and Beau on a remote farm. After the youngest of the children is killed by the monsters the family is in grief. To make things complicated Emily is pregnant. And, the elder daughter, who is now a teenager, is having temperamental issues.

Will they survive?

Rating: Yellow - one of the rare horror movies you will find on this site. Though the alien horror movie concept is done and dusted, this one is a new take from a very different micro perspective of a specific family and its struggles.

Could have been a green if the father was not sacrificed for creative interests, felt forced. Would probably have been better to keep him heavily injured, a dependent even, but alive.

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