Logan >> 30 seconds review

Its 2029. Logan (Hugh Jackman) and the other X-Men are ageing and at the verge of extinction. He now lives in hiding somewhere along the Mexican border with Charles (Patrick Stewart) and Caliban (Stephen Merchant) and drives a taxi for money. Charles has been rendered dysfunctional due to a mental disease. Caliban cannot venture into the sun. And Logan's powers are withering - his healing has become much slower.

Trouble arrives at the door in the form of a young mutant Laura (Dafne Keen) whose caretaker is murdered by evil forces. Laura is in grave danger and it turns out she's also born out of Logan's genes.

Will Logan be able to save Laura?

Rating: Green - many movies in the past have attempted to humanize superheroes so that the viewers can connect with them. If the Dark Knight and Iron Man came close, this movie achieves it - to perfection. Logan is truly no more than an ordinary human at the core with some additional physical abilities and rage. Crisp script adds to the great acting to get this movie a green.

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