Matrubhoomi: A Nation Without Women >>> 30s review

As the result of blatant and widespread female infanticide no women are left alive. Ramsharan (Sudhir Pandey) is unable to find a wife for his 4 sons, even when he is willing to pay a significant sum of money.

One day Pandit Jagannath (Piyush Mishra) discovers a girl who has been kept hidden by her father, who has isolated himself from the world for the fear of his daughter's life. Ramsharan and Jagannath are able to buy the girl as a bride for a significant sum of money.

What follows is a tragedy that will open your eyes to a sad sad world which probably actually exists in some parts of India.

Rating: Green - for an extremely realistic depiction that feels like a documentary while having a very gripping story. However, beware! This is not an entertainment flick.