Goodbye Christopher Robin >> 30s review

Alan Milne is a successful playwright. However, after returning from his duty in World War I he seems to be suffering from war related PTSD. He wants to spread a message against war to the world through his work. To 'think' he moves, with family, to a country home near the woods.

While there he develops a deeper relation with his son Christopher Robins which results in the creation of 'Winnie-The-Pooh' - one of his most famous influential works (and probably one of the most influential in human history.) But this work, sadly, leads to problems in the life of Christopher Robins, as all of a sudden his world has become public, and everyone wants a share of it! He wants to run away from it so enlists for war.

Will he return alive? Will he be able to save his real life from being taken over by the 'reel' one?

Rating: Green - a well-made movie about Winnie-the-pooh, its author and its inspiration. Touching upon the delicate relationship of a father and son torn away by the success of the father's writings inspired by his son.

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