The X Files: I want to believe >> Review and Trailer

An FBI agent has been kidnapped. And a priest Father Joseph Crissman (BC), who claims to be a psychic, is leading the investigation. The FBI does not believe him and have put him onto the suspect list. They call upon Fox Mulder (DD) who had been thrown out of the FBI, and is currently underground, to help in the case. He joins in on the request of Dr. Dana Scully (GA). The decision to call him has been taken by ASAC Dakota Whitney (AP).

Joseph was convicted of pedophilia and was living in a repentance home. As it turns out the person involved in the crime is one of his victims. Meanwhile, another woman gets abducted. The FBI starts believing the priest only when he helps them discover a female body with a number of limbs and organs from other people. But they are getting late. Meanwhile in the course of following the criminal Whitney gets murdered.

Will Fox and team succeed in capturing the murderer before he kills more people?

Rating: Green - you know what's happening all along, but as you realize later, you don't know anything that's happening.

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