Casablanca >> Review and Trailer

Rick Blaine (HB) is a businessman with a cafe in Casablanca in the 1930s. He is known to be cynical and un-appreciative. Casablanca lies in Africa and is a French colony. It is a stopover for immigrants who are running from the war torn European nations. Exit visas are a valuable item. Arrives Victor Laszlo (PH) one of the leaders of the French independence movement with his beautiful wife Elsa Lund (IB).

When the war had just begun Rick and Elsa were in Paris and deeply in love. And they knew nothing about each other. When the time came to run from there Elsa did not come with Rick. Now fate has brought them face to face again. While on one hand there love-hate relationship is on, on the other hand the German army personnel have arrived to detain Victor and Elsa.

Rating: Green - one of the oldest movies that I've seen and one of the most wonderful. Truly ageless.

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