Ghajini >> Review and Trailer

Sanjay Singhania (AK) is the chairman of Airvoice, a business tycoon. He's fallen in love with Kalpana (Asin) who is a small-time model.

Ghajini (MA) is a flesh trader. Kalpana manages to rescue some children from his men, in the process she comes to know about his activities. Therefore, Ghajini decides to kill her. Just then Sanjay reaches her place. Kalpana is killed, while, Sanjay is hit hard on the head with the rod. Even though he survives, he now suffers with Short Term Memory Loss (anteretrograde amnesia - he forgets everything after 15 minutes).

The rest of the movie is about how he overcomes the handicap to kill Ghajini with the help of a medical student (JK).

Rating: Yellow - This movie had everything in it for it to get a green. The only problem with it is Aamir Khan. Aamir in this movie has done a Sunny Deol, what he didn't understand is that it was Sunny's overall persona that made his one man army action scenes believable, not his body. He hardly ever showed his body. 

Also, thanks to Aamir, I was yawning by the time the movie reached Climax. A group of my friends (7 in total) went to see the movie, after the movie - I am told - all 7 of them had severe headache.

Also, this is not a movie which I can watch again, which is the basic eligibility criterion for giving a green to a movie.

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