The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring >> Review and Trailer

The Elven-smiths crafted a set of rings of power which were distributed to various beings. Unknown to everyone Sauron (AH), the dark lord, had crafted his own ring which was the lord of all other rings. The ring had been taken from him in war by men. The human king was betrayed by the ring and it feel deep into a river. The ring was discovered by a river side hobbit named Smeegull who was turned immortal and evil by the ring. He was turned into a creature now known as Gollum (AS).

The ring fell from his hand and was accidentally discovered by Bilbo Baggins (IH), an adventurous hobbit. He took the ring with him and was in turn made ageless. Though, not as evil as he never wore the ring. On his eleventy first birthday he left his home and his belongings to Frodo Baggins (EW) and went to the mountains. Gandalf the Grey (IMK), Bilbo's friend and a master wizard suspected the origins of the ring and forced him to leave it behind. He soon found out that what he thought was true and it is indeed the Lord of the Rings.

Therein starts the journey of Frodo, accompanied by Sam Gamgee (SA), his gardener towards the mountain of Doom to destroy the ring. If it isn't destroyed Sauron will become too powerful and the Middle Earth would be destroyed by him.

In course they are joined by their cousins Merry (DM) and Pippins (BL), Aragorn (VM)- the King of Men, Gimli (JRD)- the Master Dwarf, Boromir (SB)- the Eldest son of Steward of Gondor, Legolas (OB)- the elf, and Gandalf- the Grey who together form the fellowship of the ring. They traverse mountains and rivers and forests as they try to reach to their destination.

Rating: Green - First movie of the Trilogy based on the book 'Lord of the Rings' by JRR Tolkien, it is an epic movie. The uncut version was 3 and half hours long. But still a wonderful film. Every minute spent was worth it.

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