P.S. I Love You >> Review and Trailer

Gerry and Holly are both madly in love with each other. And, just like a typical married couple, they fight, a lot, as they face the day-to-day struggles of earning money and growing their careers. But, when Gerry passes away all of a sudden due to brain tumor, Holly's world comes to a halt - she closes herself in her room, and is totally lost in grief. The only person who can help her is Gerry.

And, he knew it! So unlike himself he made an elaborate plan, to deliver letters to Holly asking her to do stuff, which would help her move on, starting with the first delivery on her 30th birthday.

Will he succeed?

Rating: Green - a very different kind of a romantic story! It has two parallel timelines, one following their love story as it happened. And, the other, following the now - as Holly does the tasks Gerry asks her to.

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