Underworld Awakening >> Review and Trailer

Humans discover the existence of the two mutant species - Vampires and Lycans and take action to purge them. Within them the two most powerful ones - Selene (KB), a vampire, and Michael Corvin (SS), a hybrid, are captured in a frozen state. After 12 years, a subject from the lab they are being experimented upon escapes freeing Selene as well.

While Selene thought it was Michael, she finds out that it was their daughter Eve (IE). But, now the Lycans are after Eve... why?

Rating: Yellow - the movie's fast pace, superb action scenes, plus a decent story-line make it worth watching. Not too gory, not too horror. Everything was just right. Yellow, probably because of the genre and the Resident Evil series ;-)

BTW... this is the first movie that I have seen in the series and, now, I surely intend to watch the rest of the series.

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