Mean Girls >> Review and Trailer

Cady Heron has just moved back to the US from Africa, where she had lived so far. She is alien to the high school world and the preoccupations of typical teenagers.

Regina, Gretchen and Karen are the Plastics - the nastiest bitches in the school. They invite her to join their group because they think she's pretty and cute. Her friend's Janis and Damian encourage her to join and spy so that they can get to know what the world of The Plastics is like.

It's all fun, and she's also enjoying being popular. But, things get complicated when Cady falls for Regina's ex-boyfriend.

Will she be able to remain the normal person she is, or will she also become a plastic?

Rating: Yellow - a decent time-pass! A window into the crazy and complicated world of teenage girls in posh US schools.

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