The Librarian: Quest for the Spear >> Review and Trailer

Flynn is a 30+ year student who has totally lost himself to learning - he has 22 degrees, but no life beyond it. Considering his situation his current professor approves his degree 6 months in advance, mid-semester, so that he can't start another one for 6 months - and he asks him to get a job.

While he's sulking in his study, he gets an invite to interview at the Metropolitan Public Library. And he's selected. But he soon realizes that the Library is only a cover for the world's most important treasure cove - with the most powerful treasures of man's history stored there.

And, while he's still figuring out what is going on - a part of the powerful spear is stolen. He must prevent the 'bad guys' from getting all the pieces together before it's too late. The world is at stake. Will he succeed?

Rating: Green - a rip-off of the Indian Jones series, but a very good one! It's fast, funny and full of suspense.

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