A Dangerous Method >> Review and Trailer

Carl Jung, a psychologist, develops a relationship with one of his patients Sabina Spielrein while practicing Psychoanalysis. Meanwhile, his relationship with his mentor, and the father of Psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud are also getting strained as they part ways due to differences. 

Meanwhile, Otto Gross is affecting the way he's interpreting things. His life is in a complete turmoil - as his rich wife comes to know about the mistress.

Will he be able to save his marriage, his life?

Rating: Green - based on the lives of the real life stories of the pioneers of the field of modern psychology, it is well made and makes for an interesting watch, if you understand the basics of the subject. Else, you may not find it very interesting.

PS: The movie would not help you gain much knowledge of Psychoanalysis, but if you are keen to know more about the pioneers of Psychoanalysis, you should watch it. Assuming there's proper research behind the movie, it would give you good insight into their lives and times - but please expect errors and misinterpretations.

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