Lootera/Robber >> Review and Trailer

Set in the 1950s, in the post-independence India. Varun Shrivastav, an archaeologist visits Soumitra Roy Chaudhary, the local zamindar to excavate his temple grounds for artifacts. He also stays with them, in their palatial home. Pakhi, Soumitra's only daughter, gets attracted to him and the two develop a deep romantic relationship.

And, the next thing you know - Varun is gone, along with all the riches in Soumitra's home. He was a robber who had taken up a false identity. He also broke Pakhi's heart, and her.

Will she be able to forget him? Will he be able to forget her?

Rating: Green - inspired by 'The Last Leaf' a short story by O. Henry, this movie is well made. Great story, screenplay and acting - make this a must watch!

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