Ek Chalis Ki Last Local >> Review and trailer

Nilesh Rastogi, a call-centre employee, misses the last train home. To make it worse a constable kicks him out of the station. To make it even more worse there is an auto-strike.

However, while trying to convince an auto-driver he meets Madhu who is headed in the same direction. Both start walking together, till they reach a pub, where they sit down for a drink. Nilesh bumps into a friend Pat who has become rich gambling, and Pat and Madhu convince him to do the same. Nilesh and Pat are doing well before Pat loses it all to a don.

Will they be able to repay and save their lives?

Rating: Green - an awesome comic flick with great music! A two and a half hour movie about a two and a half hour story. Interesting concept, well executed. Must watch!

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