The 15:17 to Paris >> Review and trailer

Alek and Spencer have been diagnosed with ADD but their mothers - single mothers - refuse to take corrective action. They become friends with Anthony who is a carefree 'trouble kid'. They become trouble kids themselves.

The three of them soon head to different schools but the deep bond keeps them close. Somewhere in mid-2015 when they are in different parts of the world, they decide to go on a EuroTrip.

Next thing they know - they are on a train ready to be hijacked by a terrorist with enough ammunition to kill the 500 people many times over. Will their destiny end with them as victims or heroes? Will they survive?

Rating: Yellow - an unusual movie based on the real story of three American friends who prevented a train hijack in Paris. Could've been much better if the background/incident had been balanced properly, and action scenes shot better.

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