Boyka: Undisputed: Now, out of prison.

Now in the free world, Boyka is trying to make it big in the world of MMA. He has a rare chance to fight in the big leagues. But, the death of the person he fought last due to injuries in the ring, sets him on a different path.

He finds out that the fighter had taken a loan from the local fighting Mafia kingpin Zourab to open a community school which he managed along with his wife Alma. Now she has to do sleazy work for Zourab, to pay back - to make it worse Zourab has his eye set on her.

Boyka strikes a deal with Zourab to fight for him, to earn freedom for Alma. Will he succeed? Will he be able to return to his dream of making it big in the real world? 

Rating: Yellow - the action is good, the plot is interesting. But a tad emotional - not sure it goes very well with the warrior like construct of the franchise, which is more about fighting for honor and respect. A pretty good timepass nevertheless.

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