Manto: Someone needs to show the society its reality

Manto writes stories in the Urdu language. His stories stand out for their extremely truthful portrayal of life, bringing out the nuances and the dark side of things. While he is widely acknowledged for his talent, there are many who take offence by his selection of topics and words.

Things get complicated when the partition of India happens in 1947. He decides to stay because Bombay is his home. However, when he feels his religion is becoming a danger for him and his family, he shifts to Lahore. And, his struggles begin - to establish himself, sell his work, and a fight with the system to write the way he likes - truthfully.

Will he manage this, or will all this finish him?

Rating: Yellow - a well-made movie that tells the story of the legendary author, very well made! Why not Green - somehow I can't imagine Manto being much like Nawazuddin Siddiqui. Probably because the actor in a play on Manto that I saw few years back, was much better.

PS: As is usual with real-life based movies, specially period movies, this movie may also have errors in places, some unintentional, and some intentional as the makers might have taken creative freedom.

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