Silver Linings Playbook: Watch for the Signs

Pat is sent to a mental institution by the court after he beat up the man his wife Nikki was having an affair with. He's diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. However, his mother gets him out, against the wishes of his father.

After coming out he wants to get back with his wife, and makes a plan for it. That is when he meets and befriends Tiffany who herself underwent acute depression after her husband died.

Tiffany has promised to help Pat communicate with Nikki, if he helps her in fulfilling her dream of participating in a dance competition by becoming her dance partner.

Will they be able to work it out? Will he be able to get love back in his life?

Rating: Green - an uncommon movie that gives you an insight into the life of someone with Bipolar Disorder, while keeping it normal and grounded to reality.

Amazing work! Must watch!

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