Soorma: The Greatest Comeback Story of the Hockey Legend Sandeep Singh

Sandeep is a loafer with no goal in life. He used to play hockey as a kid, but left it because he didn't like the coach. 

When the brother of the girl he loves puts forth the condition that he will allow them to marry only if Sandeep can join the Indian Hockey team, Sandeep sets out on what seems to be an impossible mission. But this turned out to be the easier part of his story. 

His immense talent landed him in the team, but while on his way to play the World Cup he is accidentally shot by the service revolver of a policeman travelling in the same coach. He is paralyzed below the waist, bed-ridden, and soon forgotten by his country.

Will he be able to rise again?

Rating: Yellow - of all the biopics being made these days, this is one with a really impressive story. However, in spite of their best efforts, the team could not do justice to the movie, perhaps it was the budget. 

Would still suggest you to watch it, for this is a story worth knowing.

PS: As is usual with real-life based movies, specially period movies, this movie may also have errors in places, some unintentional, and some intentional as the makers might have taken creative freedom.

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