The Greatest Showman: Don't miss the show!

PT Barnum is the son of a tailor. He is orphaned, and penniless. He is also incredibly creative and entrepreneurial.

He brings together the 'weirdest' people - the people with natural deformities, or exceptional skills - together, for a unique show. And, so the circus was invented.

But, while he is respected by his staff for changing their lives, in spite of his inspirational success and wealth he is still looked down upon by the high society. This hurts him. And, to gain their favor he brings the best opera singer of the world, and splurges on her tour.

But will this make or break him, his family, and his show-family?

Rating: Green - a superb movie that tells the real life story of the inventor of the American circus - PT Barnum. Awesome music! Incredible performances. Must watch!

PS: As is usual with real-life based movies, specially period movies, this movie may also have errors in places, some unintentional, and some intentional as the makers might have taken creative freedom.

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