The Shape of Water: She drowns in love but will she be able to save him

Elisa is a janitor in a classified research facility which houses some super-secret wonders. She is lonely, and lives with her artist father who is struggling to make ends meet.

A new super-natural creature has been brought to the facility, an amphibian man. He's been caught and imprisoned in a pool for conducting research.

Out of kindness, and curiosity, Elisa offers some of her lunch, which the creature hurriedly grasps. And, there begins a friendship, which grows fast.

Meanwhile, the administrators of the facility are getting impatient. Unable to get anything useful out of the amphibian, they are about to kill and dissect him to carry their experiments forward.

Will Elisa manage to save him?

Rating: Green - an awesome experience! The movie just takes you to a different world, one that is sad but beautiful, one that is full of suspense but calm, one that is unreal, but so real. A movie that is so simple, yet so deep. This is one movie you must watch!

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