Back to the Future: The Future is Here

Marty McFly, a teenage school student, is called by Doc Brown, his eccentric scientist friend, to show him his latest invention. Doc Brown, the genius, has managed to invent a working time machine - which is built into a DeLorian car.

However, things go crazy, as they are attacked by terrorists who kill Doc Brown, and Marty manages to get into the car and escape - but before he knows, he is in the past - in the 1960s - his parents haven't even met yet.

And, he accidentally, has complicated matters as his mom Linda falls in love with him. If he can't make his mom fall for his father Dave soon, he will soon become 'never did exist'!

Will he succeed in solving the problems he has created in the past, and return to the future?

Rating: Green - a superb movie. Very well made! Has aged very well - one of the rare sci-fi movies that it is still fun to watch!

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