Beasts of No Nation: Child. Captive. Killer.

Agu is a young kid living in a small African town with his teacher father, mother, brothers and a baby sister. Along with other kids he also does naughty things.

Unfortunately, war reaches home. His mother and young sister are sent away in a packed car - there isn't enough space for him. Before they know, their place is attacked - his brother and father are killed. He manages to run away into the jungle.

There he is captured by the guerrilla army. He is given food and company. He is also brainwashed. And, transformed into a child soldier.

Will he come out of this alive?

Rating: Green - a genuinely heart-wrenching story of a child's life being destroyed by war. If you can bear it, it's a must watch! If for nothing else, then the superb acting of the young Abraham.

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