Call Me by Your Name: How far will they go?

It is early 1980s. Mr. Perlman is a professor specializing in Greco-Roman culture. He lives in a 17th century villa along with his wife Annella and son Elio. They are a close knit family. 

Thanks to the intellectual environment Elio is a mature, knowledgeable 17 year old who reads erudite books, can transcribe and play classical music, and also does the teeny stuff - flirting with his friend, swimming, partying.

Every year Mr. Perlman has a new research assistant. This time its Oliver from the US. His masculine personality makes him an instant hit among the ladies.

A deep friendship develops between Elio and Oliver - driven to a great degree by their distinct 'individualities'. How far will it go? How far will they go?

Rating: Green - one of those movies that take you to a completely different world, and you wish that it just went on and on. A definite must watch, unless you are homophobic!

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