Gran Torino: How long with this drive last

Walt Kowalski is a cranky 78 year old decorated war veteran from the Korean war. His prejudiced ways are not appreciated much by his family, or anyone else. The only love of his life is his Gran Torino. 

And, he isn't much fond of anyone either. The world has changed, specially his Michigan neighborhood - the peaceful town is now an immigrant ghetto where drugs and guns rule. But, he refuses to change.

His life takes an unexpected turn when one night he scares away a gang of thugs who were on his lawn, incidentally, saving Thao, the neighbor's teenage boy, in the process. And, then, consciously, saving Sue, his sister from a gang on another occasion. Soon he finds himself partying with them.

But will he be able to save Thao and Sue from all the trouble that is headed their way?

Rating: Green - a masterpiece in ways. Great story! Fantabulous acting! Must watch!

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