Okja: A Girl Takes On A Mega-Corporation

Lucy Mirando, the head of Mirando Corporation, has come up with a clever scheme to develop a positive public outlook for their genetically engineered super-pigs. As part of a competition with massive publicity, she has sent 10 of the pigs to 10 different places in Korea. The caretaker of the pig with the best growth will be awarded generously.

One of the pigs is sent to a farmer high in the mountains. His daughter Mija develops a deep friendship with the pig Okja. The combination of love and a healthy environment result in the pig becoming the healthiest.

After ten years, when the Mirando Corporation officials come to take away the pig, the farmer sends Mija away with some excuse. When she comes back and realizes what has happened, she is broken. 

Soon, she gathers herself, and sets out to rescue Okja. Will she succeed?

Rating: Green - phenomenal storytelling! A piece of art! Must watch!

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