Amores Perros: Love's A Bitch

In a city somewhere in Mexico:
- Octavio lives with his violent brother, sister-in-law, mother and dog Cofi. He loves his sister-in-law and wants to run away with her. He arranges money by making Cofi participate in dog-fights.
- Valeria is a super-model, who has just settled with her lover in a new home.
- Chivo, an ex-guerilla who didn't get a chance to love his daughter, is living as a vagabond, spreading his love to stray dogs. He is also an assassin.

All of them belong to completely different parts of the society, with almost nothing in common. Except, that all of them are very closely bonded with their dogs, and these dogs are soon going to have a major impact on their lives.

Their life trajectories intersect when Octavio, while running away from gangsters, crashes his car into Valeria's. While Octavio's friend dies, Valerie is seriously injured. Cofi, who had been shot earlier is ignored by the people - Chivo takes him.

Will their lives become normal again?

Rating: Green - there is probably not much that is extra-ordinary with the story. Just normal people, normal circumstances - each living life in his/her own world - each having something, and looking for what he/she doesn't have, and others do.

Master story-telling, and superb acting, make this one a must watch!

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