How to Train Your Dragon 2 : Long Lost Loved Ones Meet

Hiccup has managed to do the unthinkable - he established camaraderie between dragons and humans. So much that now the favorite sport of humans is the dragon racing, and unsurprisingly, the best dragon racer of them all is Hiccup.

However, he is secretly involved in another exercise - he travels to distant places on his dragon, exploring and drawing a map of the world around him. 

On one such journey he stumbles upon a secret haven for dragons - where there are dragons, dragons, and more dragons. And, there he meets a long lost loved one.

But, trouble is upon them, as Drago attacks them with his human and dragon army. Will they survive?

Rating: Green - a superbly crafted tale that keeps you completely engrossed, right till the end. One of the franchisees I love.

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