Now You See Me: The closer you look, the less you'll see.

Four talented magicians who do not know each other, answer a summon to an unknown address. 

One year later, they emerge as The Four Horsemen - mega illusionists, pulling off unbelievable tricks. For their climax - they pick a foreign man from the crowd, teleport him to his bank in his own country, which he robs - and, all this is televise live. Minutes later, all the money rains on the crowd.

FBI Agent Dylan Rhodes, and Interpol agent Alma Dray, enlist the help of Thaddeus Bradley - who is a master at exposing illusionists - to figure out what happened.

What, do you think, happened?

Rating: Green - a superb plot, great screenplay, amazing performances - you are hooked right to the end. And, of course there is that unexpected twist, or, well, a series of them. A definite must watch!

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