Warrior: Family Is Worth Fighting For

Brendan is a former MMA fighter, now settled into his life as a public school Maths teacher. But he is unable to make ends meet. He starts participating in local events to make an extra buck, but gets expelled for doing so. When the main fighter of his trainer gets injured, Brendan gets a chance to take his place in a mega-MMA event.

Tommy is a former marine and MMA fighter trying to cope with his tragic past, and has the desire to take care of his dead friend cum comrade's family. He takes the help of his father and former coach Paddy. He is Brendan's younger brother.

Paddy is an alcoholic former boxer, whose habits and behaviors caused a split in the family, with not so good feelings between any two of them.

Both Tommy and Brendan must win the event. Who will win?

Rating: Gold - a fantastic movie. It's a two in one - a family drama, and a sports action - and is superb as both. A definite must watch!

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