Fast & Furious 6: All roads lead to this


After the $100 million heist that Dom and his crew pulled off in Brazil, they have settled down in different parts of the world living their dreams. Though they still miss home, and wish they could go back.

However, things take an unexpected turn when Hobbs traces down Dom and shows him the pictures of Letty, taken just a week back. Dom can't believe that she is alive, but is willing to risk everything for the slightest possibility of getting her back.

But, there is a challenge - she is apparently part of a well-trained and well-equipped mercenary crew that recently pulled off a precision strike on a military cavalcade and stole a critical piece of a top-secret and extremely dangerous weapon.

Will Dom and Letty be together again?

Rating: Green - this is one franchise that just keeps getting better! A better plot, and even better action sequences than the previous movies.

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