Moneyball: What Are You Really Worth?


Billy Beane, the GM of the cash strapped Oakland A. managed to build a team good enough to reach the finals with the limited resources available to him.

However, before the start of the new season the other teams pulled three of his most important players by showing them some extra money. His team owner, refuses to increase the budget - but provides him complete independence in building the team as he wants.

In a meeting with one of the other teams he comes across Peter Brand, a recent college graduate working as an analyst, who tells him about the model that he has created to value the players. Billy finds it intriguing.

And, we soon find Peter working with Billy to put together a team based on computer generated data, rather than scout intuition developed with years of experience. They face a pushback from all corners.

If this fails, Billy's career might be over, for good! Will they succeed?

Rating: Green - a well made movie, based on a real life story! Great acting and screenplay make this a must watch!

PS: As with biographical/historical movies, facts might have been distorted.

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