Another Round: Are we or are we not alcoholics?


Martin is a high school history teacher. Tommy, Nikolaj, and Peter are his colleagues and closest friends. Tommy is the PE instructor, Nikolaj teaches Psychology whereas Peter teaches Music.

When they meet to celebrate Nikolaj's 40th birthday, Martin's issues at work, and home, come up. Nikolaj mentions about the Norwegian Psychiatrist Finn Skarderud's (unproven) theory that human blood alcohol is 0.05% less than what is required for optimum performance, as a possible solution to his problem.

Soon, they start an experiment - a proper study, about the impact of blood alcohol level on the social and professional performance of an individual, with themselves as the research subjects.

What will we see - will alcohol make their lives, or break their lives?

Rating: Green - an unusual story, superb acting, great direction, and a wonderful background score! This is a must watch!

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