Udta Punjab >> 30s Review

Tommy Singh is the biggest rockstar in Punjab, also a drug addict. Kumari Pinky was a daily laborer who figured out how the drug smuggling in the border areas works - and tried to get rich by stealing some from the smugglers and selling it. See gets caught, raped, and is turned into a drug dependant. Preet is a doctor working in a drug de-addiction center. Sartaj is a corrupt police officer allowing drug peddling in lieu of commission. He soon discovers his younger brother is also an addict.

The movie is about how the lives of these four characters cross - will they be able to make a reasonable dent in the drug situation in Punjab?

Rating: Green - one of the best movies to come out of Bollywood in a long time. Focused on the real drug menace in Punjab and the involvement of everyone from top to bottom in it.

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