Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls >> Review and Trailer

Ace Ventura(JC) has taken a break from life after his inability to save a Racoon. He now lives in a Buddhist Ashram where he meditates amidst a number of animals. He is brought out of this situation by a new case. 

The sacred animal 'Shakaku' of one of the African Tribes has gone missing. the daughter of this tribe's leader is to wed the son of the leader of the other tribe. Shakaku was to be given as a gift to the other tribe. Now the other tribe has threatened to wage war against this tribe and kill all of them if 'Shakaku'  is not given to them.

Ace Ventura fights attempts on his life, and his fear of bats to solve this case. Will he succeed?

Rating: Yellow - Good for time-pass. Good non-sensical work by Jim Carrey again. Though, not as good as the first one.

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