Blade Squad >> Review and Trailer

A movie about a squad of cops who wear bullet proof uniforms, and move around the city on roller blades propelled by rocket-type bags trying to control crime. The movie is based in the future, when because of the excessive traffic it becomes almost impossible for regular cops to reach the crime spot in time. The squad is made up of people with dubious pasts, brought together by their sergeant whose only selection criteria for the squad is the drive to chase. They can't leave the squad because this is their last chance of holding a badge.

A junkie is killed in a road-accident while trying to evade arrest by the Blade Squad. His brother thinks that the leader of the squad is the cause of his death. He makes a plan. He conducts a robbery and creates a situation where the squad is chasing him. In doing so, the squad leader meets with an accident and is paralyzed head down for life. This creates a lot of emotional and mental pressure on the squad members. But they are forced to reunite and start a search for the one who committed this homicide attempt, otherwise the squad would be disbanded.

Will they find a replacement for the squad leader? Will they succeed in nabbing the junkie? 

Rating: Yellow - I love the concept of roller blades acting as an extended body part and enabling a human being to move as fast as the fastest bikes around. So I liked the movie. It was slow in parts but the action scenes made up for it. Those who don’t like action movies, there isn't much for them here.

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