Hable Con Ella (Talk To Her) >> 30s Review and Trailer

Lydia is in coma after being badly injured in a bull fight. Her boy friend Marco is staying in the hospital taking care of her. Benigno is a veteran nurse who is reserved to take care of another patient in coma, Alicia, a ballet dancer who had met with an accident.

But things are complicated - Benigno was totally infatuated with Alicia even before the accident, as he spent hours watching here practice in the dance academy from his window. After the death of his mother, Alicia is all that there is for him. And he takes care of her with complete love and devotion.

A unique friendship develops between Marco and Benigno as they, together, take care of the women they love. The only twist is that Benigno's unusual life has made him a psychopath.

Rating: Green - an extremely unusual movie about love - watch it, feel it, and get lost in it. There's a reason this movie is counted as one of the best ever made - experience it.

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