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Mita Batra is the wife of Raj Batra - a businessman who has become rich by selling duplicates of the most popular fashion labels in India. She wants her daughter to study in an English medium school, as she believes that would open up the doors to the elite English speaking society for her.

So they shift home from Chandni Chowk (old Delhi) to Vasant Kunj (posh South Delhi) and hire a consultant to help them. However, when nothing works - they fake absolute poverty so that their child can get admission through the quota for the economically backward. Will they succeed?

Rating: Yellow - a movie that is based on the real struggles of parents in India, specially Delhi, that loses touch with reality at some point. Where the rich are portrayed as snobbish and the poor as accommodating and helpful - building no depth in character. A movie that had the promise of being much better than what it became!

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