You, Me and Dupree >> Review and Trailer

Carl (MD) and Molly (KH) are set to get married. Arrives Randolph Dupree (OW), Carl's best friend and the best man. The marriage happens. Dupree is thrown out of his job and loses his apartment. He shifts with the couple. And trouble begins. The carefree and life-loving Dupree enjoys life. But, incidentally, things just keep going wrong with him.

On the other hand, Mr Thompson (MD), the father of Molly and a business tycoon in unable to accept the fact that his daughter is now married. So he starts harassing Carl who is an employee in his office. And, then Carl starts suspecting that Dupree is having an affair with Molly. And it is a big mess.

Will the mess be cleared sans damages?

Rating: Yellow - the first half is not really entertaining - futile attempts at making the audience laugh. The movie picks up well in the second half, making it worth a watch.

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