Remember the Titans >> Review and Trailer

The movie is set in the early 1970s when the black and the white schools were merged. It is about the politics and the drama behind the scenes. The football teams of the two schools are merged to create a united team. Coach Herman Boone(DW) and Coach Bill Yoast(WP) are the coaches of the schools for blacks and whites respectively. Bill is to be the head coach, but due to political reasons Herman is made the head coach. There is anxiety amongst the players as to whether they would get their positions.

Bill and Herman work together. Herman, in his autocratic way, is able to unite the team in the boot camp. Bills diplomatic ways ensure that the players don't get pressured beyond the line. The players emerge united from the camp. But the hatred in the real world causes tensions to arise. 

Will they be able to come together against all odds to win and set an example for the society?

Rating: Green - one of the best sports cum anti-racism based movies I've seen.

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