A Wednesday >> Review and Trailer

'A Stupid Common Man' loses the 'known strangers' that he met in the locals everyday while travelling to his office in the bomb blasts of 26th July. 

He chooses 'A Wednesday' as the day when he would bring the perpetrators to justice. Between 2 PM and 6 PM of this day the lives of all people involved in the incident change as 'A Stupid Common Man' brings the terrorists to justice.

Rating: Green - this movie represents the spirit of the people of a country which has witnessed innumerable terrorist attacks in almost all parts of the country. The issues are different, the people behind the attacks are different, but it is the same stupid common man who dies.
This Stupid Common Man who is inside me and you and all the people around us one day might just wake up inside one of us and do what the stupid common man in the movie does!

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