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Amar Kaul is the accounts manager of a small firm. He is a typical desi chap who gives up his dreams and ambitions in life so that he can take care of his responsibilities. A rather meticulous person, he has the habit of making a list of all things to do every morning.

The movie is about one such list. The list containing his last ten wishes before he dies of stomach cancer. The list does not contain any earth shattering item. The items are just simple things which people like you and me might want to do before we die:

Saying I love you to your first love, bidding good-bye to your best friend whom you've not met in ages, a foreign trip, setting right sour relationships, having your photo printed on the first page of the newspaper and so on.

The movie takes us with Amar Kaul, through his last few days, as he goes about fulfilling these wishes. Will he succeed in fulfilling his wish list?

Rating: Green - this movie might just bring back the smile on your face which you have long lost due to your busy schedules and work pressure and global slowdown etc.

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