Dev D >> Review and Trailer

Devender Singh Dhillon (AD) is the scion of a wealthy punjabi businessman. Since childhood he has loved Paro (MG), the daughter of their manager.  A misunderstanding results in Paro marrying someone else. There begins the self-destruction of Dev.

And he meets Chanda (KK), a prostitute, through Chunni (DB), the pimp. He gets someone to talk to, someone who understands him. Chanda, was Annie, Indo-Canadian by birth. Born in a well to do family she was involved in a MMS scandal which changed her life forever.

Dev cannot let go off Paro. And the self-destruction continues. He is involved in an accident where 9 people get killed because of his drunken driving. The news causes his father's death. 

Will he be able to get out of the mess?

Rating: Green - a brilliant adaptation of the novel. Is it possible to 'modernify' it in a way that is better, one can only wonder!

The only thing that was missing was the beauty of the tragedy and the manifestation of opulence that SRK's Devdas was about.

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