Last Dance >> Review and Trailer

Richard Hayes (RM) is the son of a leading industrialist whose business goes bust due to recession after his death. Thanks to his brother John (RQ) who is the Chief of Staff for the Governor he is able to land a job as a third-rate bureaucrat in the clemency department. And, he decides to take it seriously.

He is assigned the case of Cindy Ligett (SS) who has been awarded death sentence for brutally murdering two people. As it turns out, she did it under the influence of a drug and her case was weakly represented/sabotaged thanks to the fact that one of the victim's parents were highly influential. She has evolved into a totally different person now, a wonderful human being. 

Will Richard be able to save her in a state where the majority of the people, and hence the administration, are pro-capital punishment? 

Rating: Green - a wonderfully told story supported by brilliant acting.

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