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Leopold (HJ), a 19th century gentleman, ends up in the 21st century while following Stuart(LS). Stuart had found a gap in time using which he had gone in the past. Now, till the next gap in time comes up Leopold can't return.

Kate (MR) is a successful businesswoman and Stuart's ex-girlfriend and neighbour(lives one floor below him). Leopold's old world charm and intelligence pulls her towards him. But the misfit that he is in the new world leads to a string of comic situations. Till, in the end, the gap opens and he returns. Now, Kate has to decide - does she want a promotion and the comforts of the 21st century or does she want love and is willing to become the wife of a broke baron and live in the 18th century for it.

Rating: Yellow - a nice, sweet and light romantic comedy. Good stuff for time-pass.

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