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Anita, the CEO of Shepherd Power Corporation, wants to setup a power plant in Maharashtra. She manages to convince Shankar, the son of Subhash(Sarkar) that the project is beneficial for the state and the people. He in turn manages to convince Sarkar. They together convince Rao saab, the leader of the people of Thakurwadi, the proposed site of the plant.

But there is widespread chaos as Rao Saab's grandson takes an opposing stand. Also, Qazi along with the Traitor Deputy CM is trying to get rid of Sarkar and his clan. Their attempt to murder Shankar results in the death of his wife Avantika and his unborn baby. Then Rao Saab's grandson gets kidnapped. Subhash ends up in the hospital after a heart-attack. There is a proposal to shift the power plant to Gujarat. There is chaos all around, further increased by the murder of Shankar.

What will happen next?

Rating: Yellow - if you've read the reviews of this movie anywhere you'd have surely seen multiple stars. For a change, there is a movie which actually deserved the stars that it got.

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