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The vault in the basement of the Llyod's bank in London is considered to be the safest safe deposit box in the country. This motivates the biggest conmen, politicians and businessmen in the country to keep their personal belongings here, safe. Michael Abdul Malik, aka, Michael X is a drug dealer, smuggler on the run from law.

To prevent his arrest he has got compromising photographs of a female member of the royal family. This is helping him to roam freely even though the police has got sufficient proof against him. He has kept those photos in the vault in Lloyd's Bank. The scotland yard is aware of this but cannot take any action openly, so they take a second route.

They blackmail a small time drugpeddler, Martine, caught on charges of drug peddling to help them in lieu for her freedom. She in turn approaches her ex-boyfriend and together they put up a gang and the heist takes place. The heist opens a Pandora's box and what follows must be watched by you...

Rating: Yellow - just like thrillers should be - Fast, Unpredictable. Worth a watch.

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