Bachna Ae Haseeno >> Review and Trailer

Raj (RK) is a carefree young dude, who goes on to become a leading game designer for Microsoft. At 18 years of age he makes Mahi Pasricha (ML), a girl from Amritsar, fall in love with him over a course of just 2 days. And within that time he breaks her heart too. Six years later, he gets into a live-in relationship with Radhika (BB), an aspiring actress from Ranchi. He considers her to be a modern and forward girl. But she asks about marriage, and he dumps her on the very day of the marriage. Five years later, he falls in love with Gayatri (DP), a hard-working girl who works in the nights and attends a B-School in the day. This time he gets dumped.

He realises how much it hurts when you dump someone who is in love with you. So he sets forth on a journey to beg pardon from Mahi and Radhika. Mahi is now a housewife with a pair of twins and a loving husband Joginder S Ahluwalia (KK), but she doesn't believe in love anymore. Radhika is now a superstar, known as Shreya Rathod. 

Will they forgive him?

Rating: Yellow - The first half is pathetic- slow and boring. Music is good. Second half is the soul of this movie.

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